What’s New

Since this site is very much a “work in process” and being added to fairly constantly, all major changes will be listed here.

1/31/10 added text to the “About” section with pictures to follow and filled in the various machines under W.F. & J Barnes

2/28/10 added the Barnes #2 Scroll Saw

3/23/10 added the Former

2/26/13 added the Barnes Tenoning Machine.

2/12/15 added the Barnes #3 Scroll Saw

2/19/15 added the Barnes Combined Machine

2/24/15 added the Barnes #3 Wood Lathe

6/16/15 added the Seneca Falls Union Combination Saw

9/27/15 added the Crescent 20 Inch Foot Powered Bandsaw with link to video

11/4/15 added the Barnes 4 1/2 Metal Lathe with link to video

9/27/16 added Goodell Pratt Foot Powered Machinery