Scroll Saw – #3

The Barnes #3 scroll saw was an early and short lived (around 1877) amateur saw that was replaced by the #6.

These first pictures show a fully restored version. The colors are felt to be representative of the original colors used by Barnes based on careful study of a number of machines with varying degrees of paint and pin striping remaining.

The table was reproduced in hard maple and also reflects the size, shape and edge profile used in these early Barnes machines.

After going through the restore process, it became clear that the reason this was a short lived model was the design itself of the two arms connected to the two vertical blade holders. As they pivot, they tend to move the blade holders forward and back to some degree in the blade holder slots at the top and bottom. This really defeated the purpose of the design (they wanted the blade to move totally vertical) and had a tendency to bind the holders unless everything was just perfect.

A picture of the top of the machine before it was restored is shown below. If you look closely you may be able to see some of the pin striping that remains. Under the proper lighting, most of it could be seen to develop a sketch for the person who does the pin striping.

Finally is a catalog cut from an 1877 Barnes catalog offering the machine for sale.