About the company

Backgroud on Barnes

Table of when items were introduced – expand into the metal lathes, etc. all machines. Ask Steve Johnson for permission to use parts of his article

 Colors varied but the very early wood working machines were dark green, then a burn red and finally the Barnes gray. Others were brown Metal working machines were primarily black and did not have any pin striping. Wood machines were very decorated.

 B. F. Barnes, minor shareholder, left the company about 1900 to form his own company to mfg foot powered machinery primarily a metal lathe. 9 & 11 inches that used a dual pedal action similar to that what Seneca Fall used.

 Another company, Barnes Tool Company of New Haven CT produced self feeding hand cranked tables saws but were of no relationship to the true Barnes company. (These have a metal table top and are very heavy)

 Company at the right time with the right leadership, designs, marketing, etc. Father of the