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NEW Feature – We have also begun to make videos on foot powered machinery and related areas!! Check these out Here.

Welcome to the Foot Powered Machinery website!!! This site is dedicated to sharing and preserving information about a relatively short lived type of wood and metal working machinery – that which was foot and in some cases, hand powered.

Whether you are a collector, wood or metal worker or simply interested in history and our heritage, think you will enjoy browsing through this site. Consider it a virtual museum if you will!

As with most endeavors, this site is very much a work in process. In most cases there is little information available and examples of the machinery limited, in poor condition or missing parts or simply non-existing. To find out what is here, go to the What’s New page listed above.

The About section, provides a good overview and if you have not yet done so, would recommend you starting there. As time permits, we will be adding videos of the machinery in operation to help illustrate how useful and productive it was (and still can be) before electricity became readily available.

We are always looking to hear from you and we are interested in pictures regardless of condition. Catalogs, articles from older publications such as Scientific American or others on machines or their manufacturer and basically anything that relates to foot powered machinery is of interest including the machines or simply parts and pieces. Questions, ideas and suggestions about foot powered machinery or the website are encouraged – just click on the Contact link above.